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All content on the website www.atelier1756.com, including article reproductions, graphic design, logos, images, texts, illustrations, photographs, and other distinctive signs, such as the functioning and development of our website, are exclusive property of ATELIER 17 – 56. 

The content on our website is for personal use only of whoever visits our site, not for commercial use. We authorize the download, printing, or sharing of parts of our content only if they meet the following conditions: 

The content is for personal use only, not for commercial purposes.

The content may not be copied on any medium.  

ATELIER 17 – 56. Is a registered trademark in Colombia, and it has full intellectual property of any content that you download, reproduce, print, redistribute, or save from our website. 

The reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, placement at public disposal, transformation, and any other act or modality of exploitation in any digital or physical format is totally prohibited unless expressly authorized by ATELIER17-56

In the case of data that is shared and/or provided by the user to our website, the user grants ATELIER 17 - 56 non-exclusive, copyright-free rights, including perpetually irrevocable intellectual property, which is transferable to third parties for its use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publishing, translation, creation of derivative services, and distribution of reviews and comments worldwide and in any media. 

The buyer of the brand is responsible for the data entered and/or supplied on the website during purchases, as well as any error or imprecision, especially regarding the address or nomenclature data in the delivery conditions for ATELIER 17 - 56 products. Shipping of the purchased products will be your responsibility, exonerating ATELIER 17 - 56 of any claim for this circumstance, or for products delivered to wrong addresses due to the fault of the buyer. 


The products you find on our website www.atelier1756.com have certain prices based on the rigorous creation and preparation process they require.

Regarding the inventory of products, since our stock is limited, it is possible for a product to become unavailable in the time it takes the user to select the merchandise and the payment of the products to become effective.


At  ATELIER 17 - 56, we make an effort to showcase our garments in the most realistic way possible. However, the color of the garments on the screen may be subject to variations that depend on the quality of the monitor of the computer, the video card, or the lighting of the site.  ATELIER 17 - 56  does not guarantee that the colors of the monitor will be an exact match to the real ones.  


In the event that a product on www.atelier1756.com appears with an incorrect price due to a typo or system error,  ATELIER 17 - 56, will have the right to deny or cancel any order placed for such products. 


ATELIER 17 - 56 can send information through emails, text messages (SMS), "WhatsApp" messages, general notices on our site, or by written communications sent via email to your registered email address. 


Our online store may contain links to other sites. It is clarified that ATELIER 17 - 56 does not have any control or responsibility over the data protection policies or measures of other websites.


ATELIER 17 - 56 can send emails to the user once he or she provides their email address, and under the conditions expressly accepted by the user. 

To protect the privacy of the user, they have absolute control over the reception of such emails. 


ATELIER 17 - 56 reserves the right to continuously improve its Data Protection and Security Policy on a discretionary basis, in accordance with current data protection legislation, which will be effective from the publishing date of said modifications on the website of the institution. 


ATELIER 17 - 56 may transfer user information to other institutions and only in the case that the user expressly authorizes it through the website. 

With the exception of the previous case, it does not sell, transfer, or transmit information from its users to third parties in any way. 


We do not knowingly obtain or use the personal information of children under the age of 13 on our online store. 


By accessing and using the website www.atelier1756.com, you agree that the purchases you make are subject to the Terms and Conditions published on the site and all applicable laws will govern and will be interpreted in accordance to Colombian laws.

For a garment exchange, the product must be in perfect condition, clean, unused, with labels and tags. The exchange of a garment can be requested up to thirty (30) days after the purchase, that is, the invoice date. 

You are only authorized to place orders on our site as end consumers, and not as distributors. Article 52 of Law 1480 of 2011 states that when you make a purchase on our site, you expressly certify that you are of legal age. If you do not meet this requirement, we may refrain from formalizing the purchase, or we may request authorization from your parents. The sales contract will only be effective when we confirm it by email. 

ATELIER 17 - 56 is not obliged to accept an order and, at all times, will have the right to verify an order in advance or reject it without needing to present reasons for it. 

The product will be delivered to any person who is of legal age who is located at the address that was registered, or at the gate of that address. Finally, it should be clarified that the shipping costs of the products may vary without prior notice, due to commercial conditions of ATELIER 17 - 56 and/or the courier company. 


If we realize, before the end of the contract, that we cannot supply the order you placed, we may offer you an equivalent product in terms of quality, price, and function, which you are not obliged to accept. If you wish, the return period is (30) days, the delivery costs are borne by us, and the buyer will still have the right to cancel or return the merchandise if they so prefer. 

If we realize, before the end of the contract, that we cannot supply the order you placed and it is not our responsibility as such, we will have the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, duly informing you about it, and we will refund the payments you have made.