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Exchange Policies, Warranties, and Right of Withdrawal


If you want to exchange any of our products, you can do it through our website www.atelier1756.com 

Please keep in mind:

Products on sale cannot be exchanged.

T-shirts cannot be exchanged. 

All the products from the Atelier 17-56 brand have instructions for washing and handling the garment, which must be complied with, and, in the case of non-compliance, you will not be entitled to warranties. 

Purchases made on the website www.atelier 1756.com , can only be exchanged through said website.

Remember that you have up to (30) calendar days to make an exchange. To request the exchange, you must click on the Request an exchange section, return or warranty, which you will find at the bottom of our website. Once there, please enter your email address and order number, and the system will validate that the order is within the current period to make the exchange. After the deadline, you will not be able to process it. 

Exchanges through the Online Store:

You must enter your request through the Exchanges and Returns button. There, you must enter your email address and order number. Afterwards, you must follow the steps, choosing the products you want to exchange, stating the reasons you have for the exchange, and the way you want your exchange to be made, be it for a different size, for a different item, or for a credit note. These exchanges are subject to product availability. 

Once the exchange request has been filed with the necessary data for it, we will give you an answer within a period (8) business days or less. If the request is approved, the client must send the garment to be returned to the following address: Calle 29 #17-56 / Montería - Córdoba, delivery which will be assumed by the client. 

Before making the request, you must ensure that the items you have purchased have not been used, are in optimal condition, include their original package, and their labels have not been removed.

Once we receive your product and we have verified that it is in optimal conditions, within a period of less than (5) business days, you can choose from any of the following options: 

Product Exchange: Exchanges can only be made for products with a value equal to or less than the original price and, if applicable, the difference will be delivered in a coupon for a new purchase on the online store. In case of not having availability for the exchange, the value of the product(s) will be delivered in a voucher for a new purchase. 

Vouchers: Vouchers may be used to make a new purchase on the website www.atelier1756.com exclusively. 

Once the conditions of the product have been verified, we will inform you via email if your product meets the criteria established for making the exchange or not. In the event that your product does not meet the conditions to accept the exchange, we will inform you of the reasons why the exchange cannot proceed, and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address with a charge on delivery that you must assume. 


If one of our garments presents a quality problem within a period of (90) calendar days after its purchase, please contact us through the Exchanges and Returns button, enter your email address, order number, and the reasons on account of which you invoke the warranty, and the system will validate that the exchange is within the established term. After the established term, you will not be able to process the exchange. Once we receive the request with the necessary data, the client must send the pledge to the address CL 29 # 17-56, Montería, Córdoba, and cover the charge for the delivery to said address. As soon as we receive the garment, our technical department will analyze it, and then confirm whether or not it has been approved. If the request is approved, we will send you a voucher or credit note so that you can exchange it for a new garment without incurring any cost. 

If it has not been approved and you want the garment back, we will send it to you with a cash on delivery service. 


In accordance with the Right of Retraction established by Article 47 of Law 1480, the maximum term for you to exercise it is (5) business days, which will start to run from the date of the delivery of the goods. After this time, we cannot offer you your money back, but we can offer you an exchange that you can make up to (30) days after your purchase has been delivered.

To exercise your Retraction Right and request your money back, you must click on the Exchanges and Returns button, enter your email address, order number, explain the reasons for the retraction, and request the return.

Before making the request, you must ensure that the items you have purchased have not been used, are in optimal condition, include their original package, their labels have not been removed, and you have the purchase invoice. The costs associated with the return, including the cost of round-trip transportation, will be borne by you and will not be refunded. In accordance with Law 1480, Article 47, Numeral 7, goods for personal use are excepted from the Retraction Right. 

In the event that the aforementioned points are met, ATELIER 17 - 56, will return the total amount you paid for the garments, without discounts or withholdings, within a maximum period of (30) calendar days, through any in the following ways: 

Electronic Wire: Within (10) business days of receiving the product.

Payment Reversal: (30) working days after receiving the product. It will be made to the same account or credit card from which the purchase was made. 

Bank Account Deposit: A bank deposit will be made in the name of the client. 

In case your product does not meet the conditions to accept the return, we will inform you via email of the reason why the exchange and/or warranty does not apply, and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address with a cash-on-delivery payment that you must assume. 


The law provides that, regarding sales made through electronic commerce mechanisms and/or online sales, in which a credit card, debit card, or any other electronic payment method has been used to make the payment, the participants in the payment process must reverse the payments requested by the consumer when: 

It corresponds to an unsolicited transaction.

You have not received the purchased product within the time informed in the delivery policy. 

The delivered product does not correspond to what was requested, or is defective. 

If any of the aforementioned causes is met, in order to proceed with the reversal of payment,  the consumer must return the product, when appropriate, and notify the issuer of the electronic payment method used to make the purchase of the claim within the next five (5) business days, and they, along with the other participants in the payment process, will proceed to reverse the transaction to the buyer, once the merchandise has been received back.  


To return your products, you must send them with the following label:


Address: CL 29 # 17 -56, Montería, Córdoba

Telephone number: 3116870254

If you have any questions or problems with the website, you can contact us via email at info@atlier1756.com.


Shipping Terms for Colombia

Preventive COVID-19 Measures!

Due to the Mandatory Preventive Isolation measures announced by the National Government, and to the restrictions on the country's roads, delivery times can be significantly increased, and are subject to availability.


We ship to all the states of the Colombian territory through our logistics partners, who guarantee security and coverage, so that your garments arrive in the right conditions, and at the address that you desire. 


Before finalizing your purchase (Check-out), you will see an additional item apart from the products you are going to buy, which corresponds to the value charged by the carrier. 


Our deliveries are only made on business days. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Colombian national holidays. 

For main cities, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 8 business days, and for other municipalities, the times range from 8 to 15 business days, depending on the destination. 

Deliveries cannot be made on an exact schedule, and must be destined for a specific and safe address, such as a home or office. 

During the Black Friday period and other sales, delivery times can be significantly increased, and are subject to availability. 

The delivery time starts running at the moment confirmation of the payment, and may be affected by force majeure factors, as well as the place where you are, and the day and time you make the purchase. 

In case you have any questions regarding shipping, or if your order does not arrive within the stipulated period, please contact us via our email info@atelier1756.com or our Customer Service line 3116870254. Don’t worry: we will take care of it and give you an answer as soon as possible. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 


Our payment platform must approve the transaction in accordance with the data analysis. 

The approval of payments by credit or debit cards through our payment platform may take up to (1) business day. 

Regarding cash on delivery, times start running immediately after the purchase. 

Once your payment is approved, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your order. Later, when your order is shipped, we will send a new email with the Tracking Number, which you can use to find out the current location of the product, and the estimated delivery date from the carrier.  

International Shipping Terms 

Preventive COVID-19  Measures!

Due to the Mandatory Preventive Isolation measures announced by the National Government, delivery times can be significantly increased and are subject to availability.


Distributor: Any natural or legal person who offers their products through the distributor's own portal, at their own risk, who is directly responsible for the sale and conditions of the product, and whose return policies should be inquired directly in their store or website. 

Client / Buyer / User / Consumer: Any natural or legal person with legal capacity to contract, who freely accepts and expresses an offer through the sale made by the distributor, which may be national or foreign. 


For the sale of international products, special Terms and Conditions were established, which must be taken into account by the consumer when making the purchase. 

  1. a) At the time of purchase, the consumer accepts that the product is for personal use, in compliance with the applicable and current legislation of Colombia. That is, the consumer accepts that he or she will be the end user of the product, promising to acquire it for personal use and for legal purposes. 
  2. b) The language of the complementary documentation included in international products, such as instructions, safety warnings, and washing directions, may be different from Spanish. The buyer will be responsible for properly using the product according to Colombian regulations. 
  3. c) We are not responsible for the suitability or availability of the materials contained in the sites, or for the products described or offered on the sites for use outside of Colombia, or that these Terms and Conditions are in accordance with the laws of other countries.  
  4. d) International orders may be subject to import fees, tariffs, and other taxes collected by Customs at the destination country. When placing an order, the end customer will be directly responsible for said taxes and charges. 

e) The shipping times will be subject to the times of the transport companies, and will not be the responsibility of the company ATELIER 17-56.

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